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Growing up, my dad had a rule. “You can’t get a tattoo. If you do, I will make you get it removed. Unless, that is, you join the army and can shoot a seagull in the eye from a mile away, or you have a near-death experience.”

On July 12, 2011, I rode my bicycle to the camp I worked at. On my way home, I rode down a hill, and stopped at the bottom. I looked both ways, and there was no car coming. I started to turn left when I got hit by a car going ~55 miles per hour. I completely shattered the windshield, and when the driver stopped, I was ejected back onto the road. The doctors in the emergency room were absolutely perplexed when I arrived, because they all agreed that I should have died, and they were amazed to release me 4 and a half hours later with only 16 stitches, a concussion, and a chipped tooth. During my recovery, I was angry and confused. A couple if days after my accident, I received cards from my eight year old campers. One of them drew a giant paper crane, and said, “if you fold a thousand paper cranes, you’ll get better”. 

Not being able to read, ride a bicycle, or put stress on my body, I cut up an old sudoku puzzle, went on YouTube, and learned how to make a paper crane. By the end of the day, I had a laundry basket full of black and white paper cranes. 
I kept making paper cranes, even after I made a thousand, and I ran into a dilemma. What do you do with paper cranes once you’ve made them? A girl in my class had committed suicide the same day I had my accident, and I brought a purple crane to her wake. Her family could not have been happier the moment I presented them with this crane. Something clicked in my head right there. I started giving them to people and hiding them in random places for people to find. I started making art with them, and they became a major part of who I was. 

This tattoo is symbolic of my accident, and could not represent me any better.

Anonymous asked: are making a fox academy album? bc that would be amazing! :3


Yes!! We are working on one right now!! I am in the process of moving down to Portland so we can start writing and recording more frequently!! It is sounding dark and haunting and nice so far. Also there is a lil dancey song. Hopefully it will feel like u are falling asleep in an old castle or somethin. Idk it’s hard to say at this point!!! There’s still so much to be done. Not to set any expectations but it should be out in late summer or early Autumn !! Soooo hyped




Sad news: Taylor’s twitter link is no longer in her twitter bio.

Mark the day: April 21, 2014

girl hits 40 million followers and finally realizes she’s a total dork


when people reblog ur selfie



i used to work so hard to hold onto everyone for fear of them being happy without me but now i’m just like w/e bye because why hurt myself? people always take advantage of my wholeheartedness and i’m fucking tired of it i hope they realize what it’s like to be without that and feel bad for taking it for granted


I had my boyfriend who smokes use matches for a few days instead of a lighter and record the date and time and whatever he was thinking about while smoking. 

It’s funny that he quit smoking a few weeks after this project. 


One of the many reasons I love this band is because of the sass.

Luke didn’t really have any sassy tweets, well I couldn’t really find any or remember any. There are captions with these you just have to click on the photo.

If you can find anymore sassy tweets put them on here!! :)


[sprays the other members of 5sos with a hose whenever they try to be mean to luke] bad band members